Enlighten Me

Lighthouse Gin Bottle

Enlightening Dry Gin

From The Lighthouse Restaurant, Aldeburgh

LH77 was created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Lighthouse Restaurant Aldeburgh opening. With an abv of 43.9% (77 proof), the enlightening dry gin gives a sweet nose with a refreshing clean burst of Juniper, fennel, & liquorice.

Thirteen Botanics make up the gin with the inclusion of heather, a nod to Sam’s Grandmother who came from Scotland and the reason Sam used his favourite gin company, Pickerings, Edinburgh to distil the recipe and bring to life a flavoursome punchy fantastic gin.

Recommended with Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic & a lime wedge or for a slightly sweeter taste elderflower Fever-Tree tonic.

Tasting Notes


Lovely bold Juniper with sweet citrus on the nose.


To taste a big juniper opening with a sweet citrus note from the lemon myrtle balanced with the orange, lemon and lime. Then follows a sweetness of liquorice and fennel and finishes with a warm delicate spice delivered by the clove and Szechuan pepper.

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